Grand Canyon Helicopter Hedge Drop

August 1, 2009

Controlled burns limited our visibility on Highway 64 as we approached the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, and the canyon itself was blanketed in haze all morning. Even so, it was evident that the walls of the Grand Canyon were too tall and steep to allow passage of a Porta Hedge by conventional road vehicle. So we left the Hedge in Parking Lot B and scouted the South Rim on foot.

It became clear that the only way to get a Porta Hedge into many areas of the Grand Canyon would be by helicopter lift – picture an elephant with large straps slung under its belly being lifted over the Serengeti, except with a Hedge over the Grand Canyon. There are several companies offering helicopter tours through the Grand Canyon, and after consulting with a few of them, we determined that getting a Hedge down into the canyon would not cost an unreasonable sum.

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