Addis Toilet Tree Brush


speculative public sculpture

In the 1930’s, the Addis Brush Company introduced an artificial Christmas tree whose branches were made from the same brush bristles as the toilet bowl brushes it produced. The Addis Toilet Tree Brush pays homage to the company’s ingenuity by rearranging these long-lasting, vintage tree branches into a newly shaped tree.

If you know of a suitable location for an Addis Brush Co. inspired evergreen, I will build one to your specifications using recycled vintage Christmas trees.

One thought on “Addis Toilet Tree Brush”

  1. Hi, Do you have a current picture/photo of an actual Addis Xmas Tree from the 1930’s? If you have one could you send one to myself at the above e-mail address?
    We here at Addis Housewares In Bridgend , South Wales U.K we all would love to see one, as there is not any actual information on file still with the company now.
    Many Thanks
    Paul Wild
    Warehouse Supervisor
    Addis Housewares

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